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Money needs to generate money, this is a peaceful matter!

Have you ever wondered why the best countries in the world to live in are the so-called "tax havens"?

Examples such as Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, are important examples of this.
But they are not yet true paradises, in the literal sense. Although New York is a symbol of wealth, market freedom, and capital accumulation, it is also a symbol of competition, exhausting work, and a questionable quality of life that is always driving people there to vacation.
But vacation where? In real paradises!

So all that the real paradises, like Samoa, far from the follies of a metropolis can offer is a tourist place for vacations? Absolutely not.

Samoa, in case you don't know, is one island among many others in Polynesia, in the South Pacific, a very strategic place that unites the Eastern world and the Western world as it does not occur elsewhere. In the same region there are many other islands, some more beautiful, some more populous, but they open many riches all over the world.

As a tax haven and US territory, obviously we are talking about a lot of money, which is treated creatively and profitably, because money needs to generate money, this is a peaceful matter. But not all places where there is much wealth, this wealth brings freedom and prosperity, especially to the inhabitants.
Sad examples are in oil-related countries... In these places there is always a centralizing leader who uses oil wealth for his own sake or friends, while the population haven't a happy life.

This is not the case for tax havens, where there are other real and renewable riches, as well as intangible wealth that generates other types of wealth, better and more productive.

You may ask, but how do you achieve this? How can islands that represent only almost invisible specks on the maps possess and produce so much wealth?

Here is the answer that is the key to prosperity and is very simple: Balance! In the paradises, there is a culture where the highest authority is nature, where there is respect for culture and happiness, where people find it important to dance with harmony, where love and happiness spreads, where they have relied on the magic of the seas, air, earth and fire! All this, with all the balance!

But if you still do not understand the idea very well, let's see:
It is difficult to understand how people can accumulate so much wealth on their own, it is true, but the secret is in the balance that they do not teach us, that is not available to ordinary people, not the inhabitants of the islands, that is clear, they do not exchange their natural wealth, in a place where they almost do not need the money, to live in a coverage of skyscrapers in New York.
On the contrary, those wealthy New Yorkers would make the fortunes of living in a paradise like Samoa, and they pay small fortunes to cross the ocean by taking a vacation there whenever they can escape from the metropolis.
In fact, one thing that makes the rich very worthwhile is to be able to travel once or twice a year to a paradise.

But now comes the true answer: Many of these rich people have earned money just because they spent a day in a paradise where they found the balance, were graced by direct contact with the greatest forces of nature, had time to relax the body, the mind and soul, to forget for a time the follies of life on the continent and managed to have brilliant ideas, which generated good business, which generated what? Money! Money that was also used to return to paradise, to have more balance, more ideas and so on.

And by tasting a little of the delights of true paradise, it is only natural that successful people come to love these places and feel a great deal of gratitude for the riches they have acquired. From that point on, many turned their eyes to the paradises, with ideas of preservation, protection and even balanced exploration, such as luxury hotels and tourist attractions that bring benefits to the local population without disturbing the most important: Balance. In this way the concept of tax havens has emerged, where people apply their money, pay minimum but fair tax installments that seem little, but they help a lot the local population, since money is not their greatest wealth, but it helps in essential things that money can afford.

All in all, Samoa is a perfect example of balance, because its population is autonomous, has a lot of wisdom in its culture, respects and protects nature, lives in harmony with the earth, water, animals, plants, air , the rocks and even the fire!

From the symbols of tattoos to dancing with fire have important meanings that govern their lives, their culture, remember their ancestors, their beliefs based on the forces of nature, make the place charming, mystical and contagious.

The question is: If you still can not personally go to Samoa, you can at least make your investments as the very rich do, you can receive the interest they receive and increase your capital in a short period of time that will surely bring you the conditions to visit in person this fascinating island, to fall in love with it and to establish the same symbiosis that they bring there every year, very rich people from all over the world, and make the inhabitants happier and richer, who maintains their local language, but have already mastered many other languages, learned a lot from foreigners and especially, are always reminded that they do not need anything from the continent, because they already own paradise, a wealth that money can not buy, but can "borrow" days.

Welcome to paradise!

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Our business is a solid portfolio of diversified capital based on investments of foreign capital,
mainly in Polynesian paradises.

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